Sunday, October 24, 2004

This is a little off my usual beaten path ... but in church this morning, they were talking about the new building they'll move into this year, and how they expect that will bring additional people into the fellowship. That got me thinking about how you help new Christians just get oriented to the books of the Bible as a new informational resource, which is like something i taught once.

The idea that popped into my head was a PowerPoint template that listed all the books of the NT as the background of the slide, with a general categorization into type of literature (which is more or less how they're ordered in the canon: not by chronology). Then whatever books were referenced on that slide could be highlighted on the side. Having the whole list might help orient people to how to find a given book. Here's a picture.

Maybe this is a little goofy ... somebody can always check the table of contents ... but if you find this helpful the template is here. I'm no graphic artist, as you can tell. But i believe good visualization can help teach the structure of information.

Details: if you put the block of book names on the master, you can't change it. So it has to be copied from slide to slide. I just change the relevant book to bold fact, with 3pt line instead of .75pt. Use whatever style you like, though.

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