Saturday, February 07, 2004

A picture named VanGoghSower-small.jpgGave my Breakout seminar at Cedar Ridge this afternoon, aimed to folks who were fairly new to using the Bible for spiritual growth. We started with the Parable of the Soils as the model for our response to God's word, and then moved on to an overview of the Bible, different translations, tips and traps, and ways to go beyond just reading. And i love this painting by VanGogh, entitled (appropriately enough) "The Sower."

I really learned a lot through the preparation, though i had far more material than we had time for. In retrospect, i wish i'd covered some other things:

  • how to choose a study Bible, and which one
  • how to find Bible passages that address a particular concern
  • the history of how we got our Bible
  • the reliability of the manuscripts and translation process

But people seemed really interested in the subject and eager for information. I put the slides on-line, so particpants could get at them afterward, but also to provide a resource for others.

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