Saturday, March 26, 2005

In a brilliantly timed marketing move, some group (which i won't name because i don't want to encourage them with more business) has decided to dignify the Easter season and the release of the recut version of Mel Gibson's "Passion" by selling "premium content" for ... my cellphone. 

I'm so glad they called this to my attention (through an unsolicited email)! Perhaps i can now get distinctive ringtones to announce my friends' phone calls, like:

  • the crack of the scourge over Jesus' back
  • the crowd calling "Crucify him!" (great for phone calls from work)
  • the pounding of the hammer as it drives nails into his hands

Alas, their website doesn't offer any ringtones, only a dozen graphics from the movie, like Jesus praying in the garden (with Satan in the background), being led in chains by the soldiers, or stumbling as he carries his cross. Guess i'll have to download one of their Snoop Dogg or Ludacris ringtones instead, or maybe a picture of Chuckie or some hot babe in a swimsuit.

<Sarcasm off/> How tacky can you get!

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