Thursday, November 20, 2003
Another Jon Udell piece describes his experiments with Bayesian classifiers, including one by Andrew McCallum, who spoke at BBN recently (i would have liked to have heard it). While he's found SpamBayes works great, his results with these other classifiers at categorizing interesting/non-interesting wasn't very successful. This kind of problem is actually much harder than spam filtering, where you have a nice assortment of dead ringer terms to use as information (how much good mail do you get that talks about mortgage rates or discount prescriptions?). 
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A post by John Udell pointed me to AllConsuming, a site that scans weblogs looking for Amazon/B&N/etc. references, to see what people are reading. You can also maintain your reading list there, and they'll generate a little javascript to make a nice display for your blog.

Given the stability of the reading lists over the last few time periods, though, i wondered how many people were really being scanned. I couldn't find any of my books there.


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It's been a pretty slow week for blogging: too many other things going on!

  • a new website for friend/pastor/well-known author and speaker Brian McLaren, finally pushed out in first draft at I'd be interested in your comments on either design or content (but i didn't do much of the latter). Of course, i'm no kind of web designer: the FrontPage template is a freebie. But i offered to do it because i wanted to help set Brian free to focus on his real ministries of vision, speaking, and writing.
  • i've been working for a couple of weeks on the Composite Gospel, a new idea for organizing and referencing the life of Jesus. We've come to treat "book chapter:verse" as the canonical organization, but sometimes i find that gets in the way of seeing the totality of the story of Jesus. Instead, i often think about a particular parable, incident of healing, or teaching: i'd like to be able to index that way too. More coming soon
  • i set up a discussion forum for our church: we have a Sunday school class going that's discussing Dallas Willard's book "the Divine Conspiracy", and our attendance has been rather spotty (one reason being that we do music once a month). But this is mostly an experiment in how on-line discussion might support Christian Ed. We'll see how it goes: i'm not quite sure whether non-geeks will be able to get into it.
  • i've been in the middle of v1.2 of the Hyper-concordance for a few weeks now. Someone helpfully pointed out a few problems, and i've been working on generalizing the code so it can be used for more versions (including non-English)

Somehow lining it all up this way makes me not feel so bad about not having so many posts...

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