Composite Gospel Pericope Index

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Pericope.001: Jesus is the Word 1.1-1.5
Pericope.002: God became a human being 1.10-1.18
Pericope.003: Jesus' ancestry back to Adam 3.23-3.38
Pericope.004: Jesus' ancestry from Abraham1.1-1.17
Pericope.005: Luke's purpose in writing 1.1-1.4
Pericope.006: The angel Gabriel promises the birth of John to Zechariah 1.5-1.25
Pericope.007: The angel Gabriel promises the birth of Jesus to Mary 1.26-1.38
Pericope.008: Mary visits Elizabeth 1.39-1.56
Pericope.009: John the Baptist is born 1.57-1.80
Pericope.010: An angel appears to Joseph1.18-1.25
Pericope.011: Jesus is born in Bethlehem 2.1-2.7
Pericope.012: Shepherds visit Jesus 2.8-2.20
Pericope.013: Wise men visit from eastern lands2.1-2.12
Pericope.014: Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the temple 2.21-2.38
Pericope.015: Joseph takes his family to Egypt2.13-2.18
Pericope.016: Joseph returns with his family to Nazareth2.19-2.23
Pericope.017: Jesus grows up in Nazareth 2.39-2.40
Pericope.018: Jesus speaks with religious teachers in the temple 2.41-2.52
Pericope.019: John the Baptist comes as a witness to the light 1.6-1.9
Pericope.020: John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus3.1-3.61.1-1.63.1-3.6
Pericope.021: John the Baptist calls for repentence3.7-3.10 3.7-3.9
Pericope.022: John the Baptist tells people how to show their repentence 3.10-3.14
Pericope.023: John the Baptist tells about the Christ3.11-3.121.7-1.83.15-3.18
Pericope.024: John the Baptist declares his mission 1.19-1.28
Pericope.025: John baptizes Jesus3.13-3.171.9-1.113.21-3.22
Pericope.026: John the Baptist proclaims Jesus as the Messiah 1.29-1.34
Pericope.027: Satan tempts Jesus in the desert4.1-4.111.12-1.134.1-4.13
Pericope.028: The first disciples follow Jesus 1.35-1.51
Pericope.029: Jesus turns water into wine 2.1-2.11
Pericope.030: Jesus stays in Capernaum 2.12-2.12
Pericope.031: Jesus clears the temple 2.13-2.22
Pericope.032: Jesus does not trust himself to people 2.23-2.25
Pericope.033: Nicodemus visits Jesus at night 3.1-3.21
Pericope.034: Jesus and his disciples baptize in Judea 3.22-3.22
Pericope.035: John the Baptist accepts Jesus' growing popularity 3.23-3.36
Pericope.036: Jesus leaves Judea for Galilee 4.1-4.3
Pericope.037: Jesus talks to a Samaritan woman at the well 4.4-4.26
Pericope.038: Jesus tells about the spiritual harvest 4.27-4.38
Pericope.039: Many Samaritans believe in Jesus 4.39-4.42
Pericope.040: Herod puts John in prison 3.19-3.20
Pericope.041: Jesus preaches in Galilee4.12-4.171.14-1.154.14-4.154.43-4.45
Pericope.042: Jesus heals a royal official's son 4.46-4.54
Pericope.043: Jesus is rejected at Nazareth 4.16-4.30
Pericope.044: Jesus calls four fishermen to follow him4.18-4.221.16-1.20
Pericope.045: Jesus teaches with authority 1.21-1.284.31-4.37
Pericope.046: Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law and many others in Capernaum8.14-8.171.29-1.344.38-4.41
Pericope.047: Jesus goes out alone to pray 1.35-1.384.42-4.43
Pericope.048: Jesus preaches throughout Galilee4.23-4.251.39-1.394.44-4.44
Pericope.049: Jesus provides a miraculous catch of fish 5.1-5.11
Pericope.050: Jesus heals a man with leprosy8.1-8.41.40-1.455.12-5.16
Pericope.051: Jesus heals a paralyzed man9.1-9.82.1-2.125.17-5.26
Pericope.052: Jesus calls a tax collector to follow him9.9-9.132.13-2.175.27-5.32
Pericope.053: The religious leaders ask Jesus about fasting9.14-9.172.18-2.225.33-5.39
Pericope.054: Jesus heals a lame man by the pool of Bethesda 5.1-5.18
Pericope.055: Jesus claims to be God's Son 5.19-5.30
Pericope.056: Jesus supports his claim to be God's Son 5.31-5.47
Pericope.057: The disciples pick wheat on the Sabbath12.1-12.82.23-2.286.1-6.5
Pericope.058: Jesus heals a man's hand on the Sabbath12.9-12.143.1-3.66.6-6.11
Pericope.059: Large crowds follow Jesus12.15-12.213.7-3.12
Pericope.060: Jesus selects the twelve disciples 3.13-3.196.12-6.16
Pericope.061: Jesus gives the Beatitudes5.1-5.12 6.17-6.23
Pericope.062: Jesus warns against temporary comfort 6.24-6.26
Pericope.063: Jesus teaches about salt5.13-5.13
Pericope.064: Jesus teaches about light5.14-5.16 11.33-11.33
Pericope.065: Jesus teaches about fulfilling the law5.17-5.20
Pericope.066: Jesus teaches about anger5.21-5.26
Pericope.067: Jesus teaches about lust5.27-5.30
Pericope.068: Jesus teaches about divorce5.31-5.32
Pericope.069: Jesus teaches about oaths5.33-5.37
Pericope.070: Jesus teaches about retaliation5.38-5.42
Pericope.071: Jesus teaches about loving enemies5.43-5.48 6.27-6.36
Pericope.072: Jesus teaches about giving to the needy6.1-6.4
Pericope.073: Jesus teaches about prayer6.5-6.15
Pericope.074: Jesus teaches about fasting6.16-6.18
Pericope.075: Jesus teaches about treasure6.19-6.21 12.33-12.34
Pericope.076: Jesus teaches about having a sound eye6.22-6.23 11.34-11.36
Pericope.077: Jesus teaches about serving two masters6.24-6.24 16.13-16.13
Pericope.078: Jesus teaches about worry6.25-6.34 12.22-12.32
Pericope.079: Jesus teaches about criticizing others7.1-7.5 6.37-6.42
Pericope.080: Jesus teaches about profaning holy things7.6-7.6
Pericope.081: Jesus teaches about asking, seeking, knocking7.7-7.11 11.9-11.13
Pericope.082: Jesus sums up the Law7.12-7.12
Pericope.083: Jesus teaches about the narrow road to life7.13-7.14
Pericope.084: Jesus teaches about the fruit of people's lives7.15-7.20 6.43-6.45
Pericope.085: Jesus teaches about putting his words into practice7.21-7.27 6.46-6.49
Pericope.086: The crowds are astonished at Jesus' teaching7.28-7.29
Pericope.087: A Roman centurion shows great faith8.5-8.13 7.1-7.10
Pericope.088: Jesus raises a widow's son from the dead 7.11-7.17
Pericope.089: Jesus eases John the Baptist's doubts11.1-11.6 7.18-7.23
Pericope.090: Jesus teaches about John the Baptist11.7-11.19 7.24-7.35
Pericope.091: A sinful woman anoints Jesus' feet 7.36-7.50
Pericope.092: Women accompany Jesus and the disciples 8.1-8.3
Pericope.093: Jesus describes his true family12.46-12.503.31-3.358.19-8.21
Pericope.094: Jesus tells the parable of the four soils13.1-13.94.1-4.98.4-8.8
Pericope.095: Jesus explains why he speaks in parables13.10-13.174.10-4.128.9-8.10
Pericope.096: Jesus explains the parable of the four soils13.18-13.234.13-4.208.11-8.15
Pericope.097: Jesus teaches people to consider carefully what they hear 4.21-4.258.16-8.18
Pericope.098: Jesus tells the parable of the growing seed 4.26-4.29
Pericope.099: Jesus tells the parable of the weeds13.24-13.30
Pericope.100: Jesus tells the parable of the mustard seed13.31-13.324.30-4.3213.18-13.19
Pericope.101: Jesus tells the parable of the yeast13.33-13.33 13.20-13.21
Pericope.102: Jesus uses many parables in his teaching13.34-13.354.33-4.34
Pericope.103: Jesus explains the parable of the weeds13.36-13.43
Pericope.104: Jesus tells the parable of hidden treasure13.44-13.44
Pericope.105: Jesus tells the parable of the pearl merchant13.45-13.46
Pericope.106: Jesus tells the parable of the fishing net13.47-13.50
Pericope.107: Jesus teaches about new and old treasure13.51-13.52
Pericope.108: Jesus calms the storm8.23-8.274.35-4.418.22-8.25
Pericope.109: Jesus sends demons into a herd of pigs8.28-8.325.1-5.138.26-8.33
Pericope.110: The Gerasenes ask Jesus to leave8.33-8.345.14-5.208.34-8.39
Pericope.111: A synagogue ruler asks Jesus to help his daughter9.18-9.195.21-5.248.40-8.42
Pericope.112: Jesus heals a bleeding woman9.20-9.225.25-5.348.43-8.48
Pericope.113: Jesus restores the daughter of a synagogue rule to life9.23-9.265.35-5.438.49-8.56
Pericope.114: Jesus heals two blind men9.27-9.31
Pericope.115: Jesus heals a mute demoniac9.32-9.34
Pericope.116: The people of Nazareth refuse to believe in Jesus13.53-13.586.1-6.6
Pericope.117: Jesus tells the disciples to pray for workers9.35-9.38
Pericope.118: Jesus sends out the twelve disciples10.1-10.166.7-6.139.1-9.6
Pericope.119: Jesus prepares the disciples for persecution10.17-10.42
Pericope.120: Herod wonders if John the Baptist has been raised from the dead14.1-14.26.14-6.169.7-9.9
Pericope.121: Herod kills John the Baptist14.3-14.126.17-6.29
Pericope.122: Jesus feeds five thousand14.13-14.216.30-6.449.10-9.176.1-6.15
Pericope.123: Jesus walks on water14.22-14.336.45-6.52 6.16-6.21
Pericope.124: Jesus heals all who touch him14.34-14.366.53-6.56
Pericope.125: Jesus proclaims he is the true bread from heaven 6.22-6.40
Pericope.126: The Jews disagree that Jesus is from heaven 6.41-6.59
Pericope.127: Many disciples desert Jesus 6.60-6.71
Pericope.128: The religious leaders criticize Jesus about ceremonial washing15.1-15.97.1-7.13
Pericope.129: Jesus teaches the crowd about the source of uncleanness 15.10-15.117.14-7.16
Pericope.130: Jesus teaches the disciples about the source of uncleanness 15.12-15.207.17-7.23
Pericope.131: Jesus sends a demon out of a girl15.21-15.287.24-7.30
Pericope.132: Jesus heals a deaf man 7.31-7.37
Pericope.133: The crowd marvels at Jesus' healings15.29-15.31
Pericope.134: Jesus feeds four thousand15.32-15.398.1-8.10
Pericope.135: The religious leaders ask for a sign in the sky16.1-16.48.11-8.13
Pericope.136: Jesus warns against wrong teaching16.5-16.128.14-8.21
Pericope.137: Jesus restores sight to a blind man 8.22-8.26
Pericope.138: Peter declares Jesus is the Messiah16.13-16.208.27-8.309.18-9.21
Pericope.139: Jesus predicts his death the first time16.21-16.238.31-8.339.22-9.22
Pericope.140: Jesus calls his disciples to deny themselves16.24-16.288.34-9.19.23-9.27
Pericope.141: Jesus is transfigured on the mountain17.1-17.99.2-9.109.28-9.36
Pericope.142: The disciples ask about the coming of Elijah17.10-17.139.11-9.13
Pericope.143: Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy17.14-17.189.14-9.279.37-9.42
Pericope.144: The disciples ask why they couldn't heal the demon-possessed boy17.19-17.219.28-9.29
Pericope.145: Jesus predicts his death the second time17.22-17.239.30-9.329.43-9.45
Pericope.146: Peter finds the coin in the fish's mouth17.24-17.27
Pericope.147: Jesus teaches about being the least of all18.1-18.59.33-9.379.46-9.48
Pericope.148: Jesus warns against forbidding others to work in his name 9.38-9.419.49-9.50
Pericope.149: Jesus warns against temptations to sin18.6-18.99.42-9.5017.1-17.2
Pericope.150: Jesus warns against looking down on others18.10-18.14
Pericope.151: Jesus teaches how to treat a believer who sins18.15-18.18
Pericope.152: Jesus teaches about the power of agreeing in prayer18.19-18.20
Pericope.153: Jesus teaches about forgiving others18.21-18.22 17.3-17.4
Pericope.154: Jesus tells the parable of the unforgiving debtor18.23-18.35
Pericope.155: Jesus sends out seventy-two messengers 10.1-10.12
Pericope.156: Jesus warns cities that have not repented11.20-11.24 10.13-10.15
Pericope.157: Jesus teaches about people's response to his messengers 10.16-10.16
Pericope.158: The seventy-two messengers return 10.17-10.20
Pericope.159: Jesus praises the Father for revealing His truth11.25-11.27 10.21-10.22
Pericope.160: Jesus promises rest for the soul11.28-11.30
Pericope.161: Jesus teaches the disciples that they are blessed for what they see 10.23-10.24
Pericope.162: A lawyer asks Jesus about eternal life 10.25-10.28
Pericope.163: Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan 10.29-10.37
Pericope.164: Jesus visits Mary and Martha 10.38-10.42
Pericope.165: Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray 11.1-11.4
Pericope.166: Jesus tells about the friend who asks for help at midnight 11.5-11.8
Pericope.167: Jesus answers accusers about how he drives out demons12.22-12.303.20-3.2711.14-11.23
Pericope.168: Jesus warns against blaspheming the Holy Spirit12.31-12.323.28-3.30
Pericope.169: Jesus warns the religious leaders about their words and their hearts12.33-12.37
Pericope.170: Jesus warns about demons returning12.43-12.45 11.24-11.26
Pericope.171: Jesus tells a woman about obeying God's word 11.27-11.28
Pericope.172: Jesus warns against unbelief12.38-12.42 11.29-11.32
Pericope.173: Jesus criticizes the religious leaders 11.37-11.54
Pericope.174: Jesus teaches about acknowledging him before others 12.1-12.12
Pericope.175: Jesus tells the parable of the rich fool 12.13-12.21
Pericope.176: Jesus warns about coming division 12.49-12.53
Pericope.177: Jesus warns about the future crisis 12.54-12.56
Pericope.178: Jesus teaches about reconciliation 12.57-12.59
Pericope.179: Jesus calls people to repent 13.1-13.5
Pericope.180: Jesus tells the parable of the fruitless tree 13.6-13.9
Pericope.181: Jesus heals a crippled woman 13.10-13.17
Pericope.182: Jesus' brothers ridicule him 7.1-7.9
Pericope.183: Jesus is rejected at a Samaritan village 9.51-9.56
Pericope.184: Jesus teaches about the cost of following him8.18-8.22 9.57-9.62
Pericope.185: Jesus travels to Jerusalem in secret 7.10-7.13
Pericope.186: Jesus teaches openly at the temple 7.14-7.31
Pericope.187: The religious leaders attempt to arrest Jesus 7.32-7.36
Pericope.188: Jesus teaches about living water 7.37-7.39
Pericope.189: The people are divided over Jesus 7.40-7.44
Pericope.190: The religious leaders refuse to believe in Jesus 7.45-7.52
Pericope.191: Jesus forgives an adulterous woman 7.53-8.11
Pericope.192: Jesus is the light of the world 8.12-8.20
Pericope.193: Jesus warns of coming judgment 8.21-8.30
Pericope.194: Jesus speaks about true freedom 8.31-8.36
Pericope.195: Jesus speaks about God's true children 8.37-8.47
Pericope.196: Jesus declares that he is eternal 8.48-8.59
Pericope.197: Jesus heals a man who was born blind 9.1-9.12
Pericope.198: The religious leaders question the blind man 9.13-9.34
Pericope.199: Jesus teaches about spiritual blindness 9.35-9.41
Pericope.200: Jesus is the Good Shepherd 10.1-10.18
Pericope.201: The Jews are divided about Jesus 10.19-10.21
Pericope.202: The Jews confront Jesus at the temple 10.22-10.39
Pericope.203: Jesus goes beyond the Jordan 10.40-10.42
Pericope.204: Jesus teaches about entering the kingdom 13.22-13.30
Pericope.205: The Pharisees warn Jesus that Herod wants to kill Him 13.31-13.33
Pericope.206: Jesus grieves over Jerusalem23.37-23.39 13.34-13.35
Pericope.207: Jesus heals a man with dropsy 14.1-14.6
Pericope.208: Jesus warns against seeking honor 14.7-14.14
Pericope.209: Jesus tells the parable of the great feast 14.15-14.24
Pericope.210: Jesus teaches about the cost of being a disciple 14.25-14.35
Pericope.211: Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep 15.1-15.7
Pericope.212: Jesus tells the parable of the lost coin 15.8-15.10
Pericope.213: Jesus tells the parable of the lost son 15.11-15.32
Pericope.214: Jesus tells the parable of the shrewd manager 16.1-16.9
Pericope.215: Jesus teaches about being faithful 16.10-16.12
Pericope.216: Jesus criticizes the Pharisees for their love of money 16.14-16.15
Pericope.217: Jesus teaches about the Law and the Kingdom 16.16-16.17
Pericope.218: Jesus tells about the rich man and the beggar 16.19-16.31
Pericope.219: Jesus teaches about faith 17.5-17.6
Pericope.220: Jesus teaches about doing your duty 17.7-17.10
Pericope.221: Lazarus becomes ill and dies 11.1-11.16
Pericope.222: Jesus comforts Mary and Martha 11.17-11.37
Pericope.223: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead 11.38-11.44
Pericope.224: Caiaphas advises the religious leaders to kill Jesus 11.45-11.53
Pericope.225: Jesus withdraws to Ephraim 11.54-11.57
Pericope.226: Jesus heals ten men with leprosy 17.11-17.19
Pericope.227: Jesus answers the Pharisees about the coming of the Kingdom of God 17.20-17.21
Pericope.228: Jesus teaches about the coming day of the Son of Man 17.22-17.37
Pericope.229: Jesus tells the parable of the persistent widow 18.1-18.8
Pericope.230: Jesus tells the parable of two men who prayed 18.9-18.14
Pericope.231: Jesus teaches about marriage and divorce19.1-19.910.1-10.9
Pericope.232: Jesus teaches the disciples about celibacy19.10-19.12
Pericope.233: Jesus teaches the disciples about marriage and divorce 10.10-10.1216.18-16.18
Pericope.234: Jesus blesses little children19.13-19.1510.13-10.1618.15-18.17
Pericope.235: Jesus speaks to a rich young ruler19.16-19.2210.17-10.2218.18-18.23
Pericope.236: Jesus teaches about riches19.23-19.2610.23-10.2718.24-18.27
Pericope.237: Jesus teaches about the rewards of following him19.27-19.3010.28-10.3118.28-18.30
Pericope.238: Jesus tells the parable of the workers paid equally20.1-20.16
Pericope.239: Jesus predicts his death the third time20.17-20.1910.32-10.3418.31-18.34
Pericope.240: Jesus teaches about serving others20.20-20.2810.35-10.45
Pericope.241: Jesus heals a blind beggar20.29-20.3410.46-10.5218.35-18.43
Pericope.242: Jesus goes to Zacchaeus's house 19.1-19.10
Pericope.243: Jesus tells the parable of the king's ten servants 19.11-19.27
Pericope.244: A woman anoints Jesus with expensive perfume26.6-26.1314.3-14.9 12.1-12.8
Pericope.245: The religious leaders plot to kill Lazarus 12.9-12.11
Pericope.246: Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey21.1-21.1111.1-11.1119.28-19.4012.12-12.19
Pericope.247: Jesus weeps over Jerusalem 19.41-19.44
Pericope.248: Jesus curses a fig tree21.18-21.1911.12-11.14
Pericope.249: Jesus clears the temple again21.12-21.1711.15-11.1719.45-19.46
Pericope.250: The religious leaders conspire against Jesus 11.18-11.1919.47-19.48
Pericope.251: Jesus explains why he must die 12.20-12.36
Pericope.252: Most of the people do not believe in Jesus 12.37-12.43
Pericope.253: Jesus summarizes his message 12.44-12.50
Pericope.254: Jesus teaches about faith and prayer21.20-21.2211.20-11.26
Pericope.255: The religious leaders challenge Jesus' authority21.23-21.2711.27-11.3320.1-20.8
Pericope.256: Jesus tells the parable of the two sons21.28-21.32
Pericope.257: Jesus tells the parable of the wicked tenants21.33-21.4612.1-12.1220.9-20.19
Pericope.258: Jesus tells the parable of the wedding feast22.1-22.14
Pericope.259: The religious leaders question Jesus about paying taxes22.15-22.2212.13-12.1720.20-20.26
Pericope.260: The religious leaders question Jesus about the resurrection22.23-22.3312.18-12.2720.27-20.40
Pericope.261: The religious leaders question Jesus about the greatest commandment22.34-22.4012.28-12.34
Pericope.262: Jesus questions religious leaders about the Christ22.41-22.4612.35-12.3720.41-20.44
Pericope.263: Jesus warns against the practices of the religious leaders23.1-23.1212.38-12.4020.45-20.47
Pericope.264: Jesus condemns the religious leaders23.13-23.36
Pericope.265: A poor widow gives all she has 12.41-12.4421.1-21.4
Pericope.266: Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple24.1-24.213.1-13.221.5-21.6
Pericope.267: Jesus predicts the signs before the end24.3-24.813.3-13.821.7-21.11
Pericope.268: Jesus predicts persecutions before the end24.9-24.1413.9-13.1321.12-21.19
Pericope.269: Jesus tells about the desolating sacrilege24.15-24.2213.14-13.2021.20-21.24
Pericope.270: Jesus warns about false Christs and prophets24.23-24.2813.21-13.23
Pericope.271: Jesus tells about his return24.29-24.3113.24-13.2721.25-21.28
Pericope.272: Jesus tells the parable of the fig tree24.32-24.3613.28-13.3221.29-21.33
Pericope.273: Jesus compares his coming to the days of Noah24.37-24.41
Pericope.274: Jesus tells about remaining watchful24.42-24.4413.33-13.3712.35-12.40
Pericope.275: Jesus warns against not watching for his coming 21.34-21.36
Pericope.276: Jesus tells about the wise and foolish managers24.45-24.51 12.41-12.48
Pericope.277: Jesus tells the parable of the ten bridesmaids25.1-25.13
Pericope.278: Jesus tells the parable of the loaned money25.14-25.30
Pericope.279: Jesus tells about the final judgment25.31-25.46
Pericope.280: Jesus teaches daily in the temple 21.37-21.38
Pericope.281: Jesus tells his disciples about his coming crucifixion26.1-26.2
Pericope.282: The religious leaders plot to kill Jesus26.3-26.514.1-14.222.1-22.2
Pericope.283: Judas agrees to betray Jesus26.14-26.1614.10-14.1122.3-22.6
Pericope.284: Disciples prepare for the Passover26.17-26.2014.12-14.1722.7-22.14
Pericope.285: Jesus washes the disciples' feet 13.1-13.11
Pericope.286: Jesus teaches the disciples after washing their feet 13.12-13.20
Pericope.287: Jesus declares that one of the disciples will betray him 26.21-26.2514.18-14.2122.21-22.2313.21-13.30
Pericope.288: Jesus and the disciples have the Last Supper26.26-26.2914.22-14.2522.15-22.20
Pericope.289: Jesus teaches about servanthood 22.24-22.30
Pericope.290: Jesus commands the disciples to love one another 13.31-13.35
Pericope.291: Jesus predicts Peter's denial 22.31-22.3413.36-13.38
Pericope.292: Jesus is the way to the Father 14.1-14.14
Pericope.293: Jesus promises the Holy Spirit 14.15-14.31
Pericope.294: Jesus teaches about the vine and the branches 15.1-15.17
Pericope.295: Jesus warns about the world's hatred 15.18-16.4
Pericope.296: Jesus teaches about the Holy Spirit 16.5-16.15
Pericope.297: Jesus tells the disciples their sorrow will turn to joy 16.16-16.22
Pericope.298: Jesus teaches about using his name in prayer 16.23-16.28
Pericope.299: Jesus predicts that the disciples will be scattered 16.29-16.33
Pericope.300: Jesus prays for himself 17.1-17.5
Pericope.301: Jesus prays for his disciples 17.6-17.19
Pericope.302: Jesus prays for future believers 17.20-17.26
Pericope.303: Jesus tells the disciples to prepare for his arrest 22.35-22.38
Pericope.304: Jesus and the disciples go to the Mount of Olives26.30-26.3014.26-14.2622.39-22.3918.1-18.1
Pericope.305: Jesus again predicts Peter's denial26.31-26.3514.27-14.31
Pericope.306: Jesus agonizes in the garden26.36-26.4614.32-14.4222.40-22.46
Pericope.307: Jesus is betrayed and arrested26.47-26.5014.43-14.4622.47-22.4918.2-18.3
Pericope.308: Jesus identifies himself to those who have come to arrest him 18.4-18.9
Pericope.309: Peter strikes the high priest's servant26.51-26.5414.47-14.4722.50-22.5118.10-18.11
Pericope.310: Jesus questions why they have brought weapons to arrest him26.55-26.5614.48-14.5022.52-22.53
Pericope.311: The last follower runs away naked 14.51-14.52
Pericope.312: Jesus is bound and taken to Annas 18.12-18.14
Pericope.313: Peter denies knowing Jesus a first time 18.15-18.18
Pericope.314: Annas questions Jesus 18.19-18.24
Pericope.315: Caiaphas questions Jesus26.57-26.6814.53-14.65
Pericope.316: Peter denies knowing Jesus26.69-26.7514.66-14.7222.54-22.6218.25-18.27
Pericope.317: Jesus' captors mock him 22.63-22.65
Pericope.318: The council of religious leaders condemns Jesus27.1-27.215.1-15.122.66-23.118.28-18.28
Pericope.319: Judas kills himself27.3-27.5
Pericope.320: The chief priests use Judas' money to buy a field27.6-27.10
Pericope.321: The religious leaders accuse Jesus before Pilate27.11-27.1415.2-15.523.2-23.218.29-18.32
Pericope.322: Pilate questions Jesus 23.3-23.318.33-18.37
Pericope.323: Pilate answers the religious leaders 23.4-23.5
Pericope.324: Jesus stands trial before Herod 23.6-23.12
Pericope.325: Pilate answers the religious leaders a second time27.15-27.2115.6-15.1123.13-23.1918.38-18.40
Pericope.326: Jesus is flogged 19.1-19.3
Pericope.327: The crowd calls for crucifixion27.22-27.2215.12-15.1323.20-23.2119.4-19.7
Pericope.328: Pilate questions Jesus again 19.8-19.11
Pericope.329: Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified27.23-27.2615.14-15.1523.22-23.2519.12-19.16
Pericope.330: Roman soldiers mock Jesus27.27-27.3115.16-15.20
Pericope.331: Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus' cross27.32-27.3215.21-15.2123.26-23.26
Pericope.332: Jesus speaks to those who follow and mourn 23.27-23.32
Pericope.333: Jesus is crucified27.33-27.3715.22-15.2623.33-23.3419.17-19.27
Pericope.334: Jesus is mocked on the cross27.38-27.4415.27-15.3223.35-23.38
Pericope.335: A criminal asks Jesus to remember him 23.39-23.43
Pericope.336: Jesus dies on the cross27.45-27.5415.33-15.3923.44-23.4819.28-19.37
Pericope.337: Women watch the crucifixion from a distance27.55-27.5615.40-15.4123.49-23.49
Pericope.338: Jesus is laid in the tomb27.57-27.6115.42-15.4723.50-23.5619.38-19.42
Pericope.339: Guards are posted at the tomb27.62-27.66
Pericope.340: Some women find the tomb empty28.1-28.716.1-16.824.1-24.720.1-20.1
Pericope.341: The women tell the disciples of the empty tomb 24.8-24.1120.2-20.2
Pericope.342: Peter and John go to the empty tomb 24.12-24.1220.3-20.9
Pericope.343: Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene 16.9-16.11 20.10-20.18
Pericope.344: Jesus appears to the women28.8-28.10
Pericope.345: The religious leaders bribe the guards28.11-28.15
Pericope.346: Jesus appears to two believers traveling on the road 16.12-16.1324.13-24.35
Pericope.347: Jesus appears to the disciples behind locked doors 24.36-24.4320.19-20.23
Pericope.348: Jesus appears to the eleven disciples as they are eating 16.14-16.18
Pericope.349: Jesus appears to the disciples including Thomas 20.24-20.29
Pericope.350: John's purpose in writing 20.30-20.31
Pericope.351: Jesus appears to the disciples while fishing 21.1-21.14
Pericope.352: Jesus talks with Peter 21.15-21.25
Pericope.353: Jesus appears to the disciples in Jerusalem 24.44-24.49
Pericope.354: Jesus gives the Great Commission28.16-28.20
Pericope.355: Jesus ascends into heaven 16.19-16.2024.50-24.53