About Blogos

Answers to your (mostly imagined) questions about this weblog ...

Q1: Where did the name "Blogos" come from?

A: "logos" is the Greek word for "word". Blogos = weblog - we + logos, but b(log)2os looked funny.

I've thought about other names, though: how about

Q2: How do you pronounce "Blogos"?

A: It's just like "logos" with a B on the front.

Q3: But how do you pronounce "logos"?

A: Just like "blogos" without the B.

Q4: Why don't you use a spell checker? You keep failing to capitalize "I" ...

A: Actually, it's intentional. As a young Christian, i reflected on the fact that there are only two cases in the English language where pronouns are (by convention) capitalized. One is "I": the other is "He", but only where referring to God. Using the extra emphasis of capitalization to put references to myself in the same category as references to the Almighty seemed highly arrogant to me! So i decided to exercise "typographic discipleship", and use this as a frequent though modest way to remind myself that i'm no "larger" than anyone else: only God is. I still capitalize "I" at the beginning of sentences, since there it's the rule that all words get capitalized.

One of the many delights of falling in love with my wife donna was discovering that she too had thought about this same issue and adopted the same practice: in fact, she goes farther and doesn't capitalize her own name.

Now aren't you sorry you asked such a simple question? :-)

Q5: Who writes this stuff?

A: Me. I work for BBN Technologies <%obligatoryEmployeeDisclaimer%> managing advanced applications of language and speech processing technology. I have a particular interest in applying the insights of linguistics and computer science to understanding the Bible that goes back to my earliest interest in linguistics in college, when i thought i might become a Bible translator. I have a Masters in Linguistics from UCLA, but act like a computer scientist and manager in my day-to-day job. Along the way i spent 3 years as a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in So Cal.

My wife (author of DiBlog) and i live south of Baltimore, MD. In our spare time we enjoy music, reading, walking, and gardening: but since we have five kids, we don't actually have any spare time.

And now for some questions people have actually asked ...

Q6: In Greek, a different form is used for writing the final sigma in a word. Why doesn't your logo have the correct form?

A: I do know the difference! But i was afraid that my non-Koine reading public would have an even harder time recognizing the logo as corresponding to the English transliteration "Blogos" with the proper final sigma. Or maybe it's a test of your erudition (i'll bet you wished you'd asked now, don't you!).