Friday, April 28, 2006

JP van de Giessen had a few comments on the previous post, some of which i want to address here. He asks about the relationship between Book and the class hierarchy under Text: doesn't Book belong there? The answer is no: this is what i meant in my brief statement that Book is an abstract class. That is, it doesn't talk about a particular rendering of a Bible book, but the general notion of a book. For example, Romans is a book authored by Paul, which addresses certain subjects, mentions certain people, etc. Those are true whether the particular text is in English, Italian, or Bengali, and regardless of which version it is. Other attributes, like what words are used (and how many of them there are), or the name of the woman Paul mentions in the beginning of chapter 16, are particular to specific texts and translations: in the KJV this is Phebe, in the ESV Phoebe, but it's Febe in the Reina-Valera Spanish translation. These are facts about Texts, not Books (as conceptualized here)

However, there probably should also be a subclass of Text that represents (the Textual representation of) an entire book.

Tim also left a comment about the difficulties of assigning authorship (i used the word problematic), and as i've thought more about this, i think it makes sense to either leave it out entirely, or only make statements that are relatively uncontroversial (though even that line isn't always clear). At minimum, it can be viewed as an add-on to the basic facts about the books themselves.

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