Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yesterday's series of pericopes concerned several debates with the Jewish religious leaders following the cleansing of the Temple, as well as several parables about response (or lack) to Jesus. Today's pericopes contain what is sometimes called the Olivet Discourse, an extended discussion about the destruction of the Temple, signs of Christ's second coming, and how the disciples should keep ready. The series begins (approximately) with the observation of a widow giving at the Template (Pericope 265: A poor widow gives all she has), and ends with Jesus' reiteration of his impending crucifixion(Pericope 281: Jesus tells his disciples about his coming crucifixion).

As a reminder, though the pericopes are generally ordered chronologically (with the birth of Jesus at the beginning, and his crucifixion and resurrection at the end), in the majority of cases the authors have not provided evidence as to the precise sequence of events. In many cases they may well have organized their accounts by theme or other criteria, rather than by chronology: these are not histories in the modern sense of the term. While i've tried to represent the chronological sequence when it is indicated, in many other cases we simply don't know, and there the sequence just represents the (approximate) order of the texts themselves.

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