Sunday, April 09, 2006

I wasn't able to keep up the Daily Pericope series a year ago, but since so much of the Gospels covers the events of Holy Week, i'd like to see if i can produce a day-by-day listing of what happened, organized around the pericopes in the Composite Gospel Index (the interface is overdue for an overhaul, and for conversion to ESV, but that won't happen this week).

Of the entire set of 355 pericopes, more than 100 (Pericope 244-Pericope 347) concern the events of Holy Week, the majority of which describe the Last Supper (starting in Pericope 284), Jesus' passion, and his crucifixion. So this portion of the Gospels is a very significant part of each author's description of the life of Christ. Except for the extensive upper room discourse, which is (mostly) unique to John, the number of pericopes here that are covered by more than one Gospel writer (or even all four) seems more abundant than elsewhere in the Gospels (but i haven't counted).

The events of Palm Sunday, when Jesus was welcomed by the crowds of those who had seen his miracles, including the raising of Lazarus((Pericope 223), and who expected an earthly king:

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