Sunday, March 19, 2006

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I've created a draft OWL ontology for Louw-Nida's lexicon. It's not ready for publication yet, so rather than put it up on SemanticBible, it's here. It may move, i'm not sure i'll maintain or extend it, offer void where prohibited by law, etc.: but you're welcome to copy it or take a look. This is just a rendition of the domains and subdomains, over 700 in all. Alas, none of the lexical entries themselves as instances are included, which is really the useful meat: that material is copyright-protected. The intellectual property issues of converting somebody else's information to an ontology aren't clear to me, frankly: that's material for a lengthy later post. But i hope i'm not abusing their information here.

As published, their work consists of 93 top-level domains. However, in their introduction, they indicate that these have some further grouping: i've included that here, as Object Domains (1-12), Event Domains (13-57), and Abstract Domains (58-91). The picture to the left shows this, hiding the details for these three (large) groups. Those are below, in unreadably small versions: all these pictures link to their larger, full-size equivalents, but as you can tell from the ones below, the dimensions of the layout are such to not be very usable in the large version either. A more useful visualization might be a treemap where the size of each subdomain indicated the number of senses within it: i don't have that data right at hand, but it shouldn't be too hard to get.

The properties will show i'm thinking about relationships to WordNet, but i haven't gotten very far yet.

Below are images for Object Domains, Event Domains, and Abstract Domains:

A picture named ObjectDomains-Small.jpg A picture named EventDomains-Small.jpg A picture named AbstractDomains-Small.jpg

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