Saturday, March 18, 2006

On a more earthy note ... i love both the beautiful guitar work and lyric artistry of the music of David Wilcox. A few days ago i was listening to his Sex and Music in the car, a tongue-in-cheek, double-entendre-laden rap about the music business and how we might "get some directions from sex" about how to think about it. Listening, i realized how much of what he says applies to the blog world as well, in particular the easy seduction of popularity as a driver for focus and content.

For how will you navigate better and worse
with just numbers of people to count?
See, the pop charts are just cutting notches
for the number of units you mount
And when spirit gets lost in accounting,
the counting takes its toll.
You find yourself craving more numbers;
it's the sex-drug of rock and roll.
And it leads you to strange addictions
like image and marketing spin
You're just trying to get them to like you,
and how could that be such a sin?

He goes on ...

Well what do you want them to like you for,
that's the question to ask
Would it help you if everyone knew your face,
if that face were only a mask?

I love his bottom line: "what you are going to get out of them both is just what you put in." The whole album (Underneath) is highly recommended.

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