Monday, March 06, 2006

A reflection for disciples who suffer from problem thinking, from Richard Rolle, the "Hermit of Hampole", who lived in 13th century England and wrote the Fire of Love.

I offer, therefore, this book for the attention, not of the philosophers and sages of this world, not of the great theologians bogged down in ther interminable questionings, but of the simple and unlearned who are seeking rather to love God than to amass knowledge. For he is not known by argument but by what we do and how we love.

I think that while the matters contained in such questionings are the most demanding of all intellectually, they are much less improtant when the love of Christ is under consideration. Anyhow they are impossible to understand! So I have not written for the experts unless they have forgotten and put behind them all those things that belong to the world; unless now they are eager to surrender to a longing for God.

To achieve this, however, they must first, fly from every worldly honor; they must hate all vainglory and the parade of knowledge ...

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