Sunday, January 08, 2006

I decided to sign up as an Amazon Associate, and to incorporate referrals into links on Blogos. I had to stop and think a bit about whether this meant a slide down the slippery slope to commercialism, but since i don't intend to clutter my pages with search boxes, banners, etc., it seemed pretty harmless (y'all are welcome to let me know if you think otherwise). I'll put a search box on the Reading category page, but otherwise links will just be links, with no extra intrusions of the A-word. Ok?

Frankly, i don't think i have enough readership to make a big difference. But if you want to help finance my habit, feel free to click through: i think i make 4% on referred purchases. I can almost guarantee that any referral income (which comes in the form of Amazon gift certificates) will be used for more books on Bible study and discipleship, and will be vastly exceeded by what i spend anyway on my own :-)

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