Thursday, December 29, 2005

I don't blog much about the movies, but in the last two days we've seen two movies in theaters (a rare enough outing for us these days), and they both rated as many thumbs up as we have between us.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a faithful and devoted rendering of the book, still one of the best stories around (i read all seven book as bedtime stories to my children when they were small). Aslan in particular has the all character you would hope to see (if you know who he really is), though i missed seeing his "romp" with Lucy: they certainly didn't overplay his coming back to life. The White Witch seemed appropriately icy, and the special effects made the many curious creatures seem quite believable.

All the positive review didn't prepare me for the wonder of King Kong. On leaving the theater, both donna and i could only say "wow!". Amazing special effects (a little too creepy in spots: not a movie for small children), gripping and suspenseful action sequences, but also genuinely touching and heartwarming: there's good reason that these words keep popping up in reviews. All this with no swearing, no sex, and a manageable amount of violence. Yes, you already know the story, but somehow the telling of it is quite magical. Highly recommended!

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