Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A picture named Ephesus_theater_from_above_tb_n010500w.jpg I recently discovered BiblePlaces.com (thanks to The Bible Links blog), which provides 10 volumes of pictures and descriptions of the Biblical lands, more than 6000 in all. Many pages on their website include helpful links to other resources for the places in question. They selling these, but at what seems like a reasonable price, and with fairly generous re-use terms: for example, you can post lower-res version on your website. There's also a helpful and comprehensive discussion of similar products, of course highlighting the strengths of their offering, but also commenting positively where they feel that's warranted.

At right is their picture of the theater in Ephesus described in Acts.19.23-41.

Once i get a first round of New Testament Names completed and up on the web, i hope to link in some addition resources, particularly with visual interest: maybe some of these.

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