Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I've posted a new version of the New Testament Names knowledgebase, the first one in some time. This represents a complete initial pass through all instances of the Woman class, with relationships like native/resident/visitedPlace, spouse/childOf, and religiousBelief, and also the complete genealogical relationships from Matt 1and Luke 3. So it's the first release with enough instance data to show what the whole enterprise is really all about, about double the size of its predecessor, though still far from complete. The OWL data is here, which will shock you badly if you're not prepared for what OWL really is (in which case, see the earlier link). I do plan to release more user-friendly applications, at least an HTML data browser, but i'm not quite to the point where i'm ready to work on that yet.

A lot of the effort came from disambiguating a lot of names that cover multiple individuals, which expanded an initial set of 42 names to 48 instances. For example, i started out with the single name "Mary", which actually refers to 7 distinct people:

  • Mary, the mother of our Lord
  • Mary Magdalene
  • the mother of the apostles James and John
  • the mother of John Mark
  • the sister of Martha and Lazarus
  • an otherwise anonymous Christian in Rome
  • the wife of Clopas (Rom.16.6)

While this was the only example for the instances of the Woman class, it happens in spades for the men (Simon, John, James, Herod, etc.), and i had to do much of that disambiguation as well to get the right relationships for spouses, children, and the like.

I was trying to figure out today how to describe my activity here: the best i could come up with is that i'm a Digital Semantic Monk, scribbling away on my laptop as in a scriptorum, though creating more than copying, hoping that others elsewhere will benefit from my labors, though i may never meet them.

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