Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I've been getting more and more interested in the English Standard Version (ESV) translation. My initial interest was because Crossway Bible seems to be the most technologically savvy Bible publisher in terms of web technology: you can search it on-line, there's an RSS feed and web service interfaces (which i've actually used). In other words, they're starting to "get" how the digital age calls for new uses of the Bible.

What i didn't know (but learned today) is that J.I. Packer, author of numerous Christian books, including the classic Knowing God,  is General Editor: there's an audio interview here where he addresses questions like why another Bible translation, what their goals were, etc.

If you're interested in different Bible translations and their strengths (and any student of the Scriptures should be), i recommend you investigate the ESV. In particular, its attempt to more closely model the wording and language of the originals makes it a great choice for more detailed study purposes

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