Sunday, December 14, 2003
You might not expect Fortune magazine to be decrying commercialism, but Geoffrey Colvin has some pointedly correct observations on our upwardly mobile living standards: "Admit It: You, Too, are Paris Hilton". 
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A picture named Quicksilver-book-thumb.jpgNeal Stephenson's latest, Quicksilver, makes great recreational reading for geeks. If nothing else, you get an exciting lesson in the history of technology. Frankly, i can't imagine how he puts all this detail together.
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It's healthy to know your place in the food chain (usually lower than your pride would like you to believe). So i was amused by the TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem, which is addition to some bad ursine puns, collects blog statistics on how many others blogs reference yours, and uses them to assign you to your rightful place. Here's mine, generated dynamically:

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