Saturday, November 15, 2003

I'm adding a new category to my blog for what i'm reading. I don't often add categories, because i don't want to splinter information, and Radio Userland doesn't yet offer a great mechanism for managing a full ontology's worth of topics (though Dave is interested in that these days, and Tucows has a new service which might support something like this).

But this is a deliberate attempt to help me focus more attention on information of lasting, rather than transient, value. Of course, i read lots of things every day: my threshold here will be things that are too much to be read in one sitting. So other blogs, magazine and newspaper articles, technical papers, and the like are off limits. That mostly means books, though it's not the number of pages but the time commitment required that's the real determiner.

I had thought seriously about only posting here about a book once i finish it: one of my character flaws is that i'm much better at initiation than completion (that's a strength too, of course). But i want to be able to build my responses to books incrementally, rather than hoard them all up for an end (that may, after all, never come, either because i get distracted and don't finish the book, or because some other initiation will have stolen my attention by then). I'll try to also post what's currently being read (as opposed to what's on my bedside table, usually a much larger list).

I can't possibly go back to things i've read even earlier this year, or i'll get hopelessly bogged down. I'm just going to focus on moving forward. Maybe i'll include what's on the top of my reading stack, if i find a good way to manage it.

Maybe this category will only matter to me, providing a memory and mechanism to see how i'm growing in knowledge: that's still good enough for me.

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