A Controlled Vocabulary for Biblical Studies

Sean Boisen, Logos CSO, <[myfirstname]@logos.com>

BibleTech:2010, San Jose, CA March 27 2010

Presentation URL: http://semanticbible.org/other/talks/2010/BibleTech-LCV/BibleTech-LCV.html

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What Does "Semantics" Mean?

Data that has:

Semantics and Linked Data

Compare TimBL's rules for Linked Data:

  1. Use URIs to identify things (= Identity)
    • Use HTTP URIs so people can look things up
  2. Provide useful information in a standard format when someone references a URI (= Utility)
  3. Include links to other URIs (= Relationships)

Semantic Organization at Logos

the letter Lthe letter Othe letter Gthe letter Othe letter S ... organizing the world's Biblical information

Other Linked-Data Semantics in Logos

Word in textWord numberMorphology, glossLemma, cross-lingual association, Louw-Nida domain
LemmaLemma + homograph #Definition, pronunciation, etymologyOther lexicons, word study
Bible ReferenceNormalized ReferenceBible textOther versions, commentaries, ...
ArticleArticle IdArticle content"See also" links, parallel content

The Logos Controlled Vocabulary (LCV)

LCV Example: Prisca

LCV Example: Deceit

LCV Development

LCV Development

LCV Development Continues

LCV Types

concept types

Some concepts are still general: %Simon_Person refers to content about multiple Biblical people with that name (Compound: True)

Use Cases

From Concepts to References

concept types

Reference Aggregation for %Prisca Content

Ac 18:26102 Ti 4:197
1 Co 16:194Ac 18:184
Ro 16:33Ac 18:23
Ro 16:3-53Ro 16:42
Ac 18:252Ac 18:2-32
1 Co 1:1221 Co 16:122
Ac 18:112Lk 8:31

Reference Aggregation for %Gabriel

Lk 1:11-206Tob 12:1521 Th 4:161
Re 8:25Ge 37:152Da 10:51
Da 8:1652 Ch 32:212Lk 1:111
Da 9:214Heb 7:251Re 9:1-111
Lk 1:26-384Da 10:211Ex 3:21
Da 12:13Lk 20:71Da 8:181
Lk 1:193Lk 1:311Ro 14:101
Da 9:222Da 9:21-221Da 10:181
Lk 1:26-332Da 9:21-271Da 10:131
Dt 34:62Re 8:61Da 8:15-261

Challenges with Reference Counts

Reference-Based Retrieval: Acts 18.26

reference-based retrieval example

Reference-Based Retrieval: Luke 1.11-13

reference-based retrieval example

Concept "Importance"

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Future Directions


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