addadd allall angelangel anotheranother answeranswer appearappear askask attentionattention authorityauthority awayaway
beholdbehold believebelieve belovedbeloved bindbind bringbring brotherbrother
callcall castcast ChristChrist comecome commandmentcommandment
darknessdarkness dayday demondemon denydeny desiredesire discipledisciple drinkdrink
earear eateat everyevery everyoneeveryone
faithfaith faithfulfaithful fatherfather fearfear followfollow forgiveforgive
generationgeneration GentilesGentiles getget givegive glorifyglorify gloryglory gnashinggnashing gogo godgod goodgood gracegrace greatgreat greatergreater growgrow guestguest
handhand healheal hearhear heartheart heavenheaven highhigh
JesusJesus judgejudge
kingking kingdomkingdom knowledgeknowledge
looklook lovelove
makemake manman manymany measuremeasure moremore
nono nownow
paypay prepareprepare prophetprophet putput
saysay seesee servantservant showshow sinsin sonson spiritspirit standstand stillstill synagoguesynagogue
thingthing throwthrow
understandunderstand useuse
weepweep whilewhile wifewife witnesswitness woewoe wordword workwork worshipworship

Note: "size by frequency" here still means frequency in the New Testament, not frequency of searches. Index derived Tue Jul 4 20:02:21 2006.