Naves Topics Under Jesus Christ


This is a collection of the topical headings from Nave's Topical Bible by Orville J. Nave, for the topic "Jesus, the Christ". Nave produced his volume while serving as a Chaplin in the United States Army, "the result of fourteen years of delightful and untiring study of the Word of God." His work, the original version of which is in the public domain, consists of 20,000+ topics and subtopics, and 100,000 references to the Scriptures.

This lists the subtopics under the topic heading "Jesus, the Christ." In the printed version produced by the MacDonald Publishing Company (ISBN 0-917006-02-X), this entry runs almost 100 pages of 2-column print. While the bulk of the entry are quotations from Scripture, it also contains a number of references with summary descriptions, some with geographic contexts: for example, under "History of", he includes "Magi visit [Bethelehem], Matt. 2:1-12".

Cross-references in parenthesis are original to Nave's. Where such cross-references occur as part of an indented list, that indicates other scriptures are given first in the original (though not repeated here), and this is a supplementary cross-reference: otherwise (e.g. "Atonement by") the entry is only a cross-reference elsewhere. Of course, some of these cross-references point to other topics outside "Jesus, the Christ". Second-level subtopics come from typographic conventions in the text: they are not distinguished in the index of sub-topics at the beginning of the entry (and in fact, are not all even included in that index). Text in square brackets below reflects my own comments. This data isn't much use all on its own: it's intended to support the discussion here [add link].

You can also see an online version (which seems somewhat abbreviated) from Bible Gateway here.

Subtopics under "Jesus, the Christ":

History of

Atonement by (see Atonement)

Attributes of (see each one in its alphabetical order below)

Birth of (see Incarnation of)

Compassion of

Confessing (see Confession, of Christ; Testimony, Religious)


Death of

Design of his death [really a subtopic under Death of?]

Death of, Voluntary [really a subtopic under Death of?]

Denial of (see Jesus, the Christ, Rejected)

Divinity of

Eternity of

Exaltation of

Example, an

Faith in (See Faith; Salvation, Conditions of)

Genealogy of (See Jesus, the Christ, History of)

Holiness of

Humanity of

Humility of

Impeccability of (See Jesus, the Christ, Holiness of; Jesus, the Christ, Temptation of)

Incarnation of

Intercession of (See Jesus, the Christ, Mediation of)


Justice of


Kingdom of

Love of

Mediation of

Meekness of


Miracles of [long list]

Mission of

Names, appelations, and titles of Jesus [long list]

"In His name"

Obedience of

Omnipotence of

Onimpresence of

Omniscience of

Parables of [long list]

Passion of (see Jesus, the Christ, Sufferings of)

Peccability of (see Jesus, the Christ, Temptation of)

Perfections of (Not classified under foregoing topics)

Persecutions of (See Persecution)

Power of, to forgive sins

Prayers of

Preexistence of

Prescience of (See Jesus, the Christ, Omniscience of)

Priesthood of

Promises of, prophetic

Prophecies concerning

Prophet [here i stopped listing all the cross-references]




Relation of, to the Father

Resurrection of

Revelations by

Righteousness of

Salvation by


Second coming of


Son of God

Son of Man

Sovereignty of

Sufferings of

Sympathy of


Temptation of

Types of


Union of, with the righteous

Wisdom of

Worship of

Zeal of