Web Services for the Composite Gospel Index


The Composite Gospel Index (CGI for short) is an XML data structure that combines the four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus into a single unified view, sub-divided into about 350 pericopes (puh-RIH-kuh-pees) that describe some coherent event, teaching, or parable. There's a longer description here.

One of the motivations for the XML structure behind the CGI is that it enables automated processing. An index by itself isn't that interesting, it's how it provides access to something else (in this case, the content of the Gospels) that determines its value.

This document provides the design for a web service based on the CGI. It has not yet been implemented: i'm hoping an explicit description might allow some collaborators to step forward. But in any event, a clear statement of possibilities and benefits is always a good place to begin.

The description here is purposely high-level: it could be implemented in a variety of frameworks, including XML-RPC, Soap, or good old HTTP.

The CGI Data Structure

What's a Web Service




getSourceForBook(ID, Book)