The Composite Gospel Index in OWL

How to get past XML structure to more content, and manage richer organization

Can organize passages for a single author into settings, with a particular time (though perhaps unspecified or underspecified), a particular place (again, may not be specified), and participants. Different Gospel authors will have different settings for similar material, and a setting will be mapped to one or more pericopes. These settings, identified by OSISrefs, are instances of a Setting class in an ontology, with properties like

time, place, participants

period of Jesus' ministry

activity represented: teaching, healing, miracle, etc. This probably is at the pericope level

function? (teaching, background, history)

themes addressed, given some thematic organization (which i don't have, except perhaps for Naves, Scofield, or some other existing and non-OWL reference work)

I'm still trying to figure out the relative merits of RDF and OWL for this. For example, should two periods in Jesus' life be different classes? Or just different instances of a time_span class, with a label, and perhaps other properties like