Using RadioPoint for Presentations


This weekend i gave a seminar at church called Starting to Read the Bible for Yourself. Since i wanted to make the slides available to everybody, i decided to give RadioPoint, Userland's outline-based alternative to that program from that company in Redmond that inspires such vituperation and invective.

W3C has something similar called slidemaker which takes a single HTML file and splits it up using Perl, with a single parameter file and CSS styles. But i don't find editing the original HTML file very helpful: Radio's OPML-based outliner gives me an easy way to organize content as i go along.

Template Tweaking

Though i don't prefer the slidemaker methodology, i do like the visual appearance of Tim Berners-Lee's slide template: so i set up my own to emulate it, using CSS to make style changes manageable. You can find the template (which has a lot of cruft for slidemaker that i really ought to prune out) here.

Can You Really Separate Content and Presentation?

Some Tips