Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yesterday i discovered (via Zack Hubert's site) that Ulrik Petersen (home page here) at morphgnt.org has created an XML version of Strong's Greek Lexicon. Furthermore, he's enhanced it by incorporating Unicode versions of the Greek terms: this is a crucial missing element from previous versions. He's even got a nice RESTian interface. Since i've been moving in this direction lately, it was a timely discovery. You can download it here.  

Ulrik points out that, as a dictionary, Strong's is somewhat lacking. True enough: but the numbering system itself, apart from the definitions, provides the defacto standard for referencing the Greek lexicon of the New Testament, and numerous other reference works are keyed to Strongs numbers. That makes it an important starting point for any lexical endeavors. At this point, i'd like to start with the numbering scheme, terms, parts of speech, and transliterations and pronunciations, and create an RDF framework in which additional lexicon material can be added, and which can be referenced by other work.

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