Thursday, February 05, 2004

Yesterday i downloaded Apache's Forrest project, "an XML standards-oriented project documentation framework" that you can supposedly use to build and maintain a website.

I've been building the main SemanticBible web by hand, which is closer to the bits than i'd like to stay. But my interest in emerging standards makes the use of things like FrontPage seem hypocritical. Since it's mostly documentation, data files, and occasional bits of code, it has the potential for a good fit. I don't have much experience in the Apache world, certainly not building Java stuff, so i might have to bail if the going gets tough. But the optimist in me is always looking for something which, with some initial setup, will free me from worrying about the details and focus on the content.

Userland-ers might suggest just doing it all in Radio. I love Radio for this blog, but i want to keep that dynamism and calendar orientation somewhat separate from SemanticBible, which has something more like real releases. I'm not confident i've got the technical chops at this point to do that, or the willingness to climb the learning curve (which is sometimes steep once you get beyond the newbie features of Radio).

If you've had experience with Forrest (positive or negative), i'd love to hear about it.

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